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AFDX® Overview

ARINC-664 Standard adopts the key elements from AFDX® standardize a deterministic Network for aircraft

  • AFDX® is used on the Airbus A380 as main avionics databus & on the A400M
  • AFDX® is based on IEEE 802.3 standard (commercial Ethernet using wire) with either 10Mbits/s or 100Mbits/s
  • AFDX® uses a special protocol to provide deterministic timing and redundancy management
  • The main elements of an AFDX® network are:
    • AFDX® End Systems
    • AFDX® Switches
    • AFDX® Links

AFDX® Network Topology Overview

  • AFDX® is rather a network than a bus
  • There are two types of devices on the bus Switches and End Systems
  • All connections are full-duplex 10Mbits/s or 100MBit/s (no dedicated backbone bus for Inter-Switch communication)
  • Redundancy is achieved by duplication of the connections (wires) and the Switches
  • AFDX® uses special extensions to provide deterministic timing and redundancy
  • End Systems (E/S) exchange Frames through Virtual Links (VL)
  • A VL defines the unidirectional connection from one source E/S to one or more destination E/s(s)
  • An E/S performs Traffic policing, Integrity Checking and Redundancy Management on a per VL basis

AFDX® Traffic Policing

  • The E/S controls the flow for each VL in accordance with the Bandwidth Allocation Gap (BAG)
  • BAG values are in ms: 1,2 4,8, 16, 32, 64, 128

AFDX® Redundancy

  • The ports, links and switches are duplicated for redundancy
  • Frames are transmitted concurrently on both networks

Integrity Checking is done per VL and per Network

  • Invalid Frames are discarded
  • Sequence Number Check

Redundancy Management

  • On receiving E/S the 'First valid Frames wins'

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