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AFDX® Products

AIM's AFDX®/ ARINC664 Test & Simulation modules are available in USB, PC-Card (PCMCIA, Type II), PMC, PCI/ PCI-X, PCIe, CPCI/PXI, VME and VXI formats. Driver software is included with the module price in the form of a high level Application Programming Interface (API) supporting Windows, Linux, VxWorks, and others on request.

AIM's AFDX® products have been granted with a technology licensee status by AIRBUS Operations. This gives our clients the full assurance that any licensed patents relating to the Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet network communication system (AFDX®) are authorized and fully compliant with the standard.

AFDX® Lab-Switch

The AIM AFDX® Laboratory Switch offers the solution for the most essential part of an AFDX®/ARINC664 network implementation. Together with AIM AFDX®/ARINC664 Interface modules Test and Integration solutions of entire FDX/ARINC664 networks and/or End Systems can be offered. The AFDX® Switch for Laboratory use is compliant with the requirements of ARINC664 Specification Part 7 - 'Aircraft Data Network Part 7 Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX®) Network' Chapter 4.0 Switching function.


AIM manufactures and provides a small, portable but powerful AFDX®/ ARINC664 Network Tap know as the fdXTapTM. This product allows the monitoring of frames and traffic of a redundant or single AFDX®/ARINC664 Network between the End System and Switch. A high speed USB 2.0 interface connects the fdXTap to a laptop PC which runs the 'monitor only' version of the AIM AFDX® Analyser Software like and fdXplorer giving users a cost efficient and smart way to monitor, record and analyse VL's and network traffic without a need for any further TAP and AFDX® interface hardware. Versions are available for both Airbus and the Boeing variant of ARINC664.

PBA.proTM - Databus Test & Analysis Software is the new generation of Avionics Databus Test and Analysis software using a Modular, Scalable and Integrated approach for use with AIM's family of high performance test and simulation modules. is a powerful yet cost effective software system covering a wide range of applications from a stand alone databus analyzer to a complete systems test bench or advanced avionics integration facility with support for Automated Testing via Python and Tcl Scripting. Customisable user interfaces for dedicated Test Applications as well as built-in payload decoding and provisions for the import of program specific ICDs and database formats offer unrivaled capabilities.for an AFDX®/ARINC664 test tool.

AIM provides complete Databus Analyser solutions integrating the required Modules, Analyzer Software & PC platform to meet your specific requirements.

fdXplorerTM - The Industries 'Premier Solution' for all your AFDX®/ARINC664 Test & Simulation

Selected & used by Airbus as the 'Common Standard Databus Analyser' for the A380, AIM's fdXplorer Network Analyser Software for WIN XP/Vista/7 plus our AFDX®/ARINC664 modules offers an 'off the shelf solution' for the Verification, Test, Simulation, Monitoring, Recording & Playback of multiple ports for 'End Systems' & 'Switches'. fdXplorer plus ParaView gives avionics engineers both low level & high level network analyser features for display & control of Parameters in Engineering Units & Graphical Displays. Parameter Extraction, Post Data Analysis & Advanced Replay/ Display features included. Users of fdXplorer can upgrade to the latest PBA.proTMsup> software and import their current project and set-up files!

REROSTM (RERouting Software)

REROS is a costed option within the PBA.proTM Software or fdXplorer Databus Analyser Software . REROS mode supports the manipulation of parameters in the payload and / or header fields of the received frame and re-route /send the frame on another port. These modifications can be done in Engineering Units for parameters within the UDP Payload via the Parameter database or AIM PDI database in conjunction with the fdXplorer. Parameters can be modified in automatic or interactive mode.


EasyLOAD-615A is ARINC615A Data loader giving users advanced and easy to use data loading on End Systems or Switches. Dataloading is supported via Standard Ethernet ports of the hosting PC and all AIM AFDX®/ARINC664 Interface boards for a maximum of applications and flexibility. The EasyLoad615A also has a built in Media Set generator supporting the generation of ARINC665 compatible Media Sets. Especially together with AIM's USB or PC-Card based ,AFDX®/ARINC664 Interface types, smart Laptop based Data Loader solutions can be implemented. based Script Packages for E/S and Switch Testing

Optional Script packages are available for testing AFDX®/ ARINC664P7 End Systems and Switches. Complete hardware and software solutions are available for testing against the AFDX®/ ARINC664P7 specifications, including the correspondingTest Plan documents, fully developed by AIM.

AFDX®/ ARINC664P7 Training and Technology Seminars

AIM's team of expert trainers are able to offer as a costed option AFDX®/ ARINC664P7 trating and technology seminars. These can be conducted at our at our facility in Freiburg, Germany or on-site at the customers facility.

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