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Company Information

With over 20 years experience in the Aerospace & Defense industry and having built a reputation for high quality, high performance databus test products for MIL-STD-1553, STANAG3910/EFEX, ARINC429 and PANAVIA Serial Links, AIM GmbH of Freiburg, Germany was selected to work as an associate partner with Airbus, France to develop and supply the AFDX® Test Tools as defined by both the PAMELA and VICTORIA projects.

As a result of the early participation in these technology projects from the 'ground up' and the continued strategic decision to invest in the AFDX® technology, AIM has spawned a complete family of advanced AFDX®/ ARINC664 test & simulation products and resources now being used in all stages of an aircraft project from development, production and integration, right through to in service aircraft support.

Taking full advantage of AIM's revolutionary and unique 'Common Core' hardware design as the basis for the first generation AFDX® Test Tools, they incorporate all the necessary error injection/ detection (low level physical layer and upper Application layers), simulation and monitoring features defined by the consortium. The first card delivered to the VICTORIA project was a 6U, CompactPCI test & simulation module; know as the ACI-FDX-4 having 4 ports or 2 Dual Redundant AFDX® Ports. AIM further invested heavily to develop the next generation AFDX® modules with even more powerful on board resources with faster processors, more memory and enhanced functions and features demanded by the AFDX®/ ARINC664 community and users.

In 2003, AIM GmbH was selected by the Airbus consortium as the 'Supplier of Choice' for the "AFDX® Analyser and Simulator" on the A380 programme. With over 600 boards and numerous databus analyser packages delivered to this prestigious programme AIM GmbH has gained the lead in testing this new networked avionics protocol within the Airbus community and its suppliers in Europe and the US.

AIM's AFDX®/ ARINC664 modules and Databus Analysers have been utilized by the VICTORIA consortium and all the Prime contractors and the majority of the sub-contractors on the A380 aircraft programme. AIM products have been selected for use by both the Primes and sub-contractors working on the A400M and Boeing B787 aircraft programmes. Modifications for the Boeing Company implementing specific ARINC664 services and applications have been implemented and fully available.

AIM has gained a formidable reputation providing unmatched capabilities, knowledge and experience for AFDX®/ ARINC664 test, simulation and monitor applications world-wide and is without question the market leader with the largest installed customer base world-wide.

AIM services the global aerospace and avionics test community by sharing its expertise and knowledge in this area (and others) at the worlds leading Aerospace Conferences and exhibitions. We also and provide on site customer tutorials and seminars for those clients involved in new projects which will use AFDX®/ ARINC664 aircraft data networks.

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